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We started keeping  bees at The Seggin as an addition to our interest in gardening and the environment. We joined the Herefordshire Beekeepers who kindly found us a swarm  to put into our brand new hive. Then we bought some more hives, as you do, to cope with swarm control and the numbers  started to increase.

This meant we had to start building our own hives and other equipment and so Beehive Xtras came about.

We now have around twenty colonies at our home and at other ‘out’ apiaries around Herefordshire. One of them is at Stocktonbury Gardens where, during opening times you can see them in action!

As the bees increased so did the honey and wax and so Seggin Bees was born. Our range of products, like our hives,  have steadily increased but not at the expense of quality or service

Seggin Bees Products

The Gardens

We have developed the gardens at The Seggin with wildlife in mind, particularly the bees and other pollinating insects and it is from here that the various petals and herbs that we use are gathered and dried.

The gardens at the Seggin

The environmental impact of our business is always our first consideration and we only use non toxic treatments where necessary to keep our bees thriving.

Finally our products have not been tested on animals, apart from ourselves, nor do they contain any animal or petroleum derivatives. They are also all compliant with the required regulations.